This product is deprecated and will soon be unavailable. Please check documentation for further info.


Mountaineasterobservations - manual observations from DNT mountain cabins during easter.


A list of the latest available manual observations from DNT mountain cabins during easter.

Returns 404 Not Found if there are no reports available.


This product support the available list at


area (mandatory)

The geographical area of the observations.

Values: sor_norge, nord_norge.

content_type (mandatory)

This product is available only as text/html: The observations can be found within a table element in the document. First row in the table states the date of the observations. Next, each observation is listed as a single row, with the following columns: Sted, Kl, Temperatur, Vindretning, Vindstyrke, Skymengde, Vær, Snødybde.

Values: text/html.

Sample request URLs:

Change log

version 1.0 : 2018-03-26

As of 2018 this product is no longer being produced. The service will be removed from the API on June 1st.

version 1.0 : 2008-01-21

Initial version